Bill memorial

Message from Ginny Radeska, mother of Bill Radeska


It only takes a second to say Good Morning,

It only takes a second to say Have a nice day,

It only takes a second to say How do you feel,

It only takes a second to say I'm sorry,

It only takes a second to say I love you,

And it only takes a second to say Thank you.

In our busy life we sometimes forget the important things. We make such little time for our families and friends. We forget who are real friends are, the ones that are there just because they want to. The ones that ask very little of you, the ones that you can count on.

Since my son's on timely death I have found that so many of my true friends are the people I work with. They are the people that care and support me. They are the people I can count on. They feel my pain and have helped me is so many ways.

I want to thank each and every one of you that has been there for me. The words are not enough to show my gratitude. I will remember all of you for the support and love I have felt in this hard time.

God has taken my love, my son, and has given me friendship I didn't know I had.

Sympathy poem

Within our hearts The ones we love Are never really gone. In spirit and in memory Their legacy lives on.