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The Role of Amish Women: Amish young girls and women live a life dictated to them by this patriarchal society. Disobedience is punished. Every aspect of their lives are bound by the strict rules of their religious community.
The Work of Amish Men: Farming is the preferred and major occupation of most Amish men. With shrinking land, and the high cost of property, some have turned to other occupations valued by their community.
Amish Children: Amish children are brought up in the ways of their parents. When they are teenagers they are given more freedom. They prepare to join the church.
Amish Wedding Customs: Articles on Amish wedding customs
Amish Political Thought: Are the Amish interested in politics?
The Amish Religion: All about the different Amish and Mennonite religions
Amish Transportation: How do the Amish travel is they can't own cars?
Amish Medicine: Do the Amish believe in modern medicine?

Who Are The Amish?

Who are the Amish? The Amish came originally from Europe where they had been persecuted for their faith. They believed in adult baptism and this went against the prevalent beliefs of infant baptism. So they came to America. The first settlements were in Pennsylvania and Lancaster remains the largest area of Amish in the country with Ohio a close second.

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