(Photo by Bea Sheftel, Lancaster)

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This Amish buggy and horse are authentic. I took a ten mile ride in it.

The driver was a Mennonite but originally from an Amish family.

He took us to the farm areas where we rode past Amish buggies with families in them.

It was surprisingly comfortable even though it is on steel wheels.
It was also small inside and we had to squeeze together to fit.

The Amish cannot own cars. Sometimes the teenagers might own a car.
They have not been baptised yet. During the teen years the younger
set are allowed freedom so they can truly choose the Amish life or not.

An adult Amish would not own a car. It is against the rules of the Ordnung.
If they need to ride in a car they can hire someone. The often do this
if they work in town or outside of town. They also pay for a ride
to shop in different areas.

The Amish, both men and women, and even teenagers, learn how to drive
the horse drawn buggy and farm wagon.