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Memoir Writers : Creating the story of your life in memoirs
Information on successful book The Writing Plan: Learn how to write and sell your work and earn money.
Writing and Marketing: Articles on writing and a whole big list of clickable links to markets
Universal Class: Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks: Fun course using my book as text to create unique theme scrapbooks.
Universal Class: The Writing Plan 2: Using my book as text, a step by step multi-level approach to writing and making money from your work.
Scrapbook Memories: Articles on creating scrapbooks and examples of scrapbook art

The First Book for Scrapbook Crafters and Journal Writers

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Preserving Your Memories In A Scrapbook.
Everything you need to know to start scrapbooking and journaling.


An instructional guide to creating your own scrapbook.

Everything you need to know to get started.

There are many fun ideas include one section of JUST FOR FUN

You will actually work on your scrapbook while taking this class.

Inspiration and guidance.

Have you tried a collage page? This is really a unique and charming addition to any scrapbook.

For little more than the cost of a magazine you'll have a valuable reference.

Classes available at universal class.

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Sample pages



Available in pdf format for only $5.00

Spiral bound with a clear plastic protective cover for only $10.00 plus $1.50 p/h

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Learn more about the hobby of Scrapbooking.

Educational web page all about scrapbooks with definitions and articles on scrapbooking.


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