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1-Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks
This is my ebook which can be purchased through paypal.$5.00
It comes to you as a download and is read in Acrobat
Click here for information on how you may obtain a free copy.
Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks: How to obtain a free copy of my Ebook

An article on the difference between a scrapbook and a photo album.
The importance of journaling.
Creating your personal scrapbook: The difference between a scrapbook and photo album

3-Genealogy and Scrapbooks
Combining your love of scrapbooks with true family history
Links to places to start your genealogy research.
Genealogy and Scrapbooks: Your true family history in words and pictures

4-The use of Wallpaper as design material in scrapbooks
Creating your own unique backgrounds.
Wallpaper as design material: Creating your own page designs with wall paper

5-Scrapbooks yesterday and today
The importance of archival quality materials.
Scrapbooks yesterday and today: The importance of archival quality materials

6-Theme Scrapbooks
An easy way to start if you have tons of photos to scrap.
This method is especially helpful to those who come late
to scrapbooking and have years of photos to put into albums.
Theme Scrapbooks: How to organize a lot of photos from different decades

7-Definitions of scrapbook terms
Terms you need to know before you start scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking Terms: Definitions you need to know

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Scrapbook index with links to other pages: Home page and links to other scrapbook lessons

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