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Endorsement From a Writer

Hi Bea

Just finished the Writing Plan and wanted to tell you how helpful it
was. I am one of those writers who waits for *inspiration* and
I'm never going to make a living like that LOL. I've been trying
to get more disciplined, more focused on selling.

Thanks again from a grateful MW,

Kay Bolden, freelance writer


If you have always dreamed of becoming a writer and making money at your craft, this is the book for you. I use a multi-level approach to guide you to success. The book includes writing tips, a calendar of ideas,instructions on making a money pyramid with a goal of $1,000 a month, and a submission record sheet.

My plan can make you money if you do the work. You might not make $1,000 the first month, but if you apply yourself, you might earn it in a few months. The $1,000 figure is only the beginning. The more you write, send out queries, study the markets and focus on making money the more you'll make. I give you the tools. It is up to you to utilize them and build a successful writing career.

This is no get rich quick scheme. This is a working manual for writers who are serious about building a career. The cost is $5.00. You can transfer a check through paypal. send to

Bea Sheftel

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Introduction to the Writing Plan

Here is how the plan got started. A friend emailed me and said, if we sold a short article for only $30 a day we could earn $900 in a month.I took that idea and created the plan which is much more flexible.

Earning $30 a day for short writing is relatively easy. There are web magazines that pay $5 for reprints up to $50 for fresh articles of only 500 to 750 words.

Some of my personal essays have earned $50 to $300 and fallen within those word limits. You can do this also. I'll show you how.

This is NOT a get rich scheme. It is a plan for serious writers who want to earn $900 to $1000 a month from their writing. You won't achieve this goal over night. It will take work, but I've broken down the plan into simple elements that make it easy to understand, and easy to do.

The plan includes more than daily writing, and regular queries. It involves a great deal of marketing also. I am rather good at marketing and have a high rate of acceptance compared to queries. I'll be sharing this information with writers.

Bea says, "Try it now!"

The problem with too many writers is that you dream more of making it as a freelance writer than actually doing the work. The plan takes you day by day through your writing. You start with only 500 words a day. That is two typed double-spaced pages.

The 500 words is a draft of a work you'll put more effort into, but first you need to get the idea written down.

Write about what you know? Yes, that is what I encourage you to do. I go on to explain how you can write about what you want to know.

If you can't write everyday you double up. So if skip Sunday, then on Monday you write 1,000 words. Remember, these are drafts. They don't have to be perfect. They can be stream of consciousness writing about your own life and what interests you.

Included are potential ideas to fill your 30 days calendar.

Instructions on how to do freewriting.

Some market information.

You can find clickable links and guideline links at my other writing site.
Writing and Marketing

The Writing Plan

You are not limited to a goal of $900 or $1000 a month.

The plan is flexible and can be worked around your schedule.

Interested? The Writing plan is now available in Word and PDF format. Contact me for your copy.

$5.00 through paypal.

Finally a working writing plan to help you earn $900 to $1000 a month.
Don't be one of those writers who will make it someday.
Start now earning the money you deserve for your work.

Take one of my classes and really get your foot in the door to a successful writing career. The confession market is wide open to new writers.

Check out my confession writing class with Moira Allen or contact me The current planned class was $75 for 4 weeks with lectures AND
critiue. I've reduced the price to $60. I also continue to work
with students after the class until they completed their story.

Red Sox poster. Original is about 8" x 10".

Cost is $1.00 sent as attached file to your email.

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