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Academic research and writing company looking for freelancers, possessing graduate or post graduate degree. Adept in academic subjects, accounting to zoology. Company provides sample, model papers to college students to help overcome writer's block. Also providing research material on a topic, to be cited in student's bibliography. Knowledge of MLA or APA citations required. Five step anti-plagiarism process. Pay rate $8-$25/page (depending on deadline to be met, 1-4 days), Courier New font 12 pt, double spaced. If interested, please email resume and 3 original writing samples to:


Announcing Angels Among Us

You are invited to get involved with a new book series scheduled to begin in 2003: Angels Among Us. The AAU series is a series of life stories about the real people in our communities who continually change others' lives for the better. They are those like the people who, 100 years ago, our great-grandparents were taught to venerate: the heroes in our communities who all too often today go unnoticed, overshadowed by today's superstar worship. Enders' Family Publishing is conducting a search for writers interested in penning these true heroes' stories, putting into the limelight, finally, those who should never have been crowded from it. We need people to write about people.

You need only two attributes in order to qualify to be an AAU author: 1) knowledge of someone whose life story should be pedestalized as an example to others, and 2) the desire to write their story.

If you think you may be interested in writing one of these true life stories, please visit the EFP web site and learn how you can get involved.

The EFP web site includes as much of the information that will interest you as we could think to include. The Authors and Agents section discusses submission guidelines as well as contract and copyright issues. The FAQ provides answers to the questions most writers are bound to ask after reading through the Authors and Agents section. You can also learn almost anything you might want to know about EFP through other portions of the web site.


Submission Guidelines

for Aribella Magazine

Aribella publishes articles that educate, enlighten, and entertain women. We are interested in well-written, informative articles in the following areas: current events, women's issues, health, nutrition, fitness, work, parenting, relationships, financial matters and self-improvement. We encourage both new and experienced freelance writers to submit articles for potential publication.

Please familiarize yourself with the site for examples of the types of articles we publish. Pieces should be thought-provoking and original. Article lengths should be within 500 to 1500 words unless otherwise approved by the editors. Opinion pieces may be submitted in the form of a letter to the editor.

Articles should be sent in text-only format within the body of an email. Please do not send attachments. Upon approval, artwork and photographs may be submitted for inclusion in your article. Aribella reserves the right to edit for length, grammar, and spelling, but we try to preserve the author's style and content. Please include a 10 to 50 word biography for inclusion at the end of the article.

Aribella pays for first on-line rights for original articles exclusive for three months. Authors retain the rights to their work. We offer from 20.00 to 50.00 for feature articles and 10.00 for first person narratives and reprints. We retain the right to electronically archive all articles. Payment is made on publication.There is no payment for letters to the editor. Promotional exposure and web site links may be negotiated in lieu of payment.

Queries may be sent to Please include your name, contact information, and previous publishing experience as well as the article's title, subject, word count and a brief description. We also welcome the submission of completed articles (including reprints) that are relevant to the topics covered by Aribella.


NORTHWEST BABY & CHILD (, a 16-page newspaper published monthly by Baby Diaper Service, accepts freelance submissions for the following pages: Page One, Parent-to Parent, Health & Safety, and Northwest Living. Articles are usually 200-500 words. Articles for Page One are usually 1000-1500 words. You may wish to include a one- or two-sentence biographical sketch at the end of your submission. Query by letter or email before writing an article. Also send a resume or samples of your writing. The editor also assigns reviews of books, cassettes, CDs, software, and videotapes. A 500-word article usually pays $40 ; shorter articles-$20, poetry and photos-$10 each. Payment is made upon publication. Submit all queries, manuscripts, and photos to: Betty Freeman, Editor, 15417 204th Avenue SE, Renton, WA 98059 or email: If you have questions, call 425-235-6826. FAX number is 425-228-2503.


Baby Corner

"All of Baby Corner's writers are parents who have a passion for writing, as well as a passion to share their experiences." Pays $10 for articles of 500 to 1,000 words, first-time rights exclusive for 6 months. No reprints. ________________________________________________________________

ODYSSEY: ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE Cobblestone Publishing Elizabeth Mindstrom - Editor Science magazine for ages 10-16. Need fiction and nonfiction. Fiction up to 1000 words - 20-25 cents/word. Nonfiction 720-950 words at 20-25 cents/word. Poetry accepted up to 1000 words - 20-25 cents/word. Please query first. Each issue has a theme, so check website. Prefer electronic submission.


BABYBUG P.O. Box 300 Peru, IL 61354 --- BABYBUG, a listening and looking magazine for infants and toddlers ages six to twenty-four months, is published by the Cricket Magazine Group. BABYBUG features simple stories and poems, words and concepts, illustrated in full color by the best children's artists from around the world.

BABYBUG measures 6-1/4" x 7", contains 24 pages, and is printed in large (26-point) type on high-quality cardboard stock with rounded corners and no staples.

Published: monthly except for combined May/June and July/August issues. Price: $35.97 for ten issues (1-year subscription)

Manuscripts Stories: very simple and concrete; 4 to 6 short sentences maximum Poems: rhythmic, rhyming; 8 lines maximum Nonfiction: very basic words and concepts; 10 words maximum Activities: parent/child interaction; 8 lines maximum

Rates vary: $25 minimum Payment upon publication We purchase first publication rights with reprint option; in some cases we purchase all rights.


The Institute of Children's Literature at

SUBMISSIONS WANTED: Do you have an article 850-1200 words long on some aspect of the craft of writing? Payment is $50 for one-time use on the site. (Articles are online for 12 weeks, then removed. There are no archives.) Articles MUST fit one of the Writing Tips categories listed here: When you submit your article, put it in the body of the email, noting the category it's intended for. Do NOT send your manuscript as an attachment. Include your publishing credits, please. Send your submission to the web editor Kristi Holl


Cricket Magazine P.O. Box 300 Peru, Illinois 61354 Is Looking For: math puzzles, challenging mazes, crossword puzzles, crafts, recipes, plays, music, and art. Ages 9-14.


Healthy Kids Primedia 249 W. 17th St. New York, NY 10011-5300 USA Ph: 212-462-3300 Fx: 212-367-8332,1310,8,00.html E-Queries: No. Send #10 SASE for writer's guidelines. Contact: Editorial Assistant for print magazine. For online contact: Karen Bilich, Online Editor. Email: None given Writer's guidelines online: Unable to find. Pays: Nonfiction: $1,200-$1,700 for 2,000-2,500 words. Pays on acceptance. Rights: FNASR. Byline given. 33% kill fee. Seasonal material should be submitted nine months in advance. Description: Published bimonthly. Articles cover the raising of a healthy child, from basic care to behavior, from birth to age ten. Circulation: 1,550,000. Needs: Most columns open to freelancers are the "Let's Eat" column (recipes and tips for nutritious meals), Health Q&A covering timely issues, Behavior Basics (dealing with behavior). Articles on how to help your child grow and develop. Note: Healthy Kids is produced in association with the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Academy is a nonprofit organization of over 55,000 pediatricians. All articles are reviewed by an Editorial Advisory Board to ensure accuracy. The online magazine contains articles not run in the print edition.


Indy's Child Editor: Shelly Bucksot 836 East 64th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 Needs: We run about 3 features a month (1,000-2,000 words), parenting issues, family issues, etc. Pays: Features $100-$125, national articles in print elsewhere $25, non-features $50-75, paid on the 15th of the publication month.


Mothering Magazine

Writer's Guidelines

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your interest in writing for Mothering. Our magazine is based on a foundation of reader-submitted articles. We welcome unsolicited articles, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with what our goals are for the articles we publish.

Our main goal is to be truly helpful, to provide information that empowers our readers to make changes or simply to get what they want from their lives. We like articles that have a strong point of view and come from the heart. We like articles that are moving or challenging. We publish articles in relation to other articles we have published on the subject, how new the topic is to us, and how unique the presentation is.

Familiarize yourself with Mothering. We are more likely to publish your article if you are a Mothering reader and are familiar with the issues we discuss. Think about the subjects you know well and areas in which little information exists. The "Your Letters" section of the magazine is a good place to find topics of interest to our readers. Mothering, a bi-monthly publication with a current readership of 250,000 internationally, has six regular features:

"The Art of Mothering" focuses on the inspirational and spiritual side of nurturing. Here is where we share ideas and philosophies that help us to be the kind of parents we want to be. "Health" explores new approaches to health care for the whole family. A wide range of topics and approaches is possible in this section, and we encourage articles on unconventional approaches to common childhood health questions.

"A Child’s World" contains articles that reflect the world as a child sees it. In this section, we especially like to feature activities, crafts, arts, music and stories for children.

"Birth & Pregnancy" features all aspects of pregnancy and birth as well as actual experiences and stories of childbirth. While we tend to focus on homebirth experience, we welcome all types of birth stories. Occasionally we like to focus on a particular birth center. This section encompasses all types of noninterventionist birth attendance of use to midwives and of interest to parents, largely in an inspirational rather than technical vein. We also welcome how-to articles.

"Ways of Learning" features articles on innovative, multidimensional, people-centered approaches to education. This section focuses on how people learn rather than where they learn, and includes learning about traditional subjects as well as subjects usually thought of as outside the realm of education: responsibility, ethics, adventure, travel, intuition, spirituality. We want to know about new ways of learning and rediscovered "old" ways.

"Family Living" is for information sharing, general interest stories, helpful hints, practical suggestions, and insights into the daily realities of parenting.

Other regularly published departments include "Breastfeeding," "Your Letters," "Good News," "Reflections," and poetry. Length is not a significant consideration. Although we recommend 8 to 10 typewritten pages, or 2,000 words, do not let length be a limitation. Say what you have to say.

Typewrite your article. Double-space your manuscript, and leave wide side margins for possible notations. We receive many articles, and we find that handwritten submissions are not read.

Upon acceptance either e-mail your article to us: or send a disk saved on text only file.

Photos are welcome accompaniments that add to the appeal of the text. Photos should be high-contrast 5" x 7" black-and-white prints or color prints. Take a look at photos in past issues of Mothering to see what we publish.

Please do not send us an article that you have already submitted elsewhere unless you have had the article returned or have heard that it is not going to be used. Please, also, do not send book-length manuscripts. We prefer to publish original material only, but will occasionally publish excerpts from books.

Keep a copy of your article. We will return your submission after consideration but suggest that you keep a copy for your files. For a quicker response, please enclose SASE of the same size as your original mailing to us.

Bio-Note. Please include a brief biographical sketch at the end of your submission so that we can print it if your article is used.

Please include your name, address, phone number, fax number or e-mail address, on the first page of your manuscript, as well as your name and the page number on each subsequent page. Please also include your phone number on all correspondence. Address all submissions to: Articles Editor, Mothering, PO Box 1690, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

Our procedure is to read and consider all articles and to respond within two weeks of receiving them. Certain built-in processes can cause delays, however. Considering mail time from you to us it can seem like a long wait to hear from us, especially if you are eager for a reply. Please be patient. If you wish to inquire about your manuscript before hearing from us, please do so by letter or by telephone.

Once an article is received and we retain it, we will usually want to retain it for the next 4 issue deadlines. This way, if it does not fit into the immediate issue, it can be reconsidered for the next one. Final decisions are made only after all articles on hand are evaluated; yet even when an article is selected for an issue, it may be pulled for lack of space at layout time. These uncertainties make it difficult for us to be as specific in our acceptance as we would like, and we appreciate your understanding of this creative process. We try not to keep an article longer than 6 months to a year because, although we may like it, we feel it should have a chance in another market.

Rejection!! Our hardest task is returning articles that we cannot use. We try to be honest in our replies, but it is not always possible to provide in-depth feedback. We evaluate all articles in light of the other articles we have on hand, when last we covered the subject, and our readers’ interest in the subject matter. We retain only about 1 out of every 50 articles we see and then must select again from this smaller group. Returning a manuscript is not a personal rejection; it is a practical consideration.

Money is always a challenging question. We have evolved from a magazine that did not pay at all to one that now pays competitively with other small press magazines. We do, however, face the reality that as a reader-supported magazine with a self-imposed ceiling of 40 percent advertising, we are dependent on subscriptions for our operating expenses. This is a unique situation in the magazine business, but we like it this way. We also try to work with writers to meet their needs. We pay within the quarter of publication for one-time rights only. Upon publication, the rights to the printed article revert to the author.

We consider all submissions on a speculative basis. That is, even if we have expressed an interest in, or a go-ahead on, a proposed article, we cannot guarantee its publication. All authors who publish in Mothering receive, in addition to payment, a one year complimentary subscription for themselves or a friend.



American Girl - Guidelines

American Girl

This is a bimonthly, four-color magazine for girls ages 8 and up. Our mission is to celebrate girls, yesterday and today. American Girl readers are girls in the formative years, girls who dream big dreams. We hope to encourage that dreaming and to reinforce each reader's self-confidence,curiosity, and self-esteem as she prepares to navigate adolescence in the years ahead. Our lead time is approximately six months.

Fiction: We're looking for contemporary and historical fiction up to 2,300 words. The protagonist should be a girl between 8 and 12. No science fiction, fantasy, or first-romance stories. We want good children's literature with thoughtfully developed characters and plots.

Historical Nonfiction: Almost every issue includes a historical nonfiction feature that explores some aspect or interest of real girls in American history. Many of our nonfiction pieces pick up on themes from the fiction, but if your idea really grabs us, we'll find a way to use it. Famous adult women in history have their place in American Girl, but what we're really looking for are the little-known stories about girls in history. Past historical nonfiction pieces have featured girls and dancing lessons, girls affected by the blizzard of 1888, and beloved dolls owned by girls through history. The format of most historical pieces is not running text, but copy blocks that work with photos. As such, any photo research leads you can offer when you query will give us a better idea of the feasibility of the story. A key: Think visually when you propose your historical piece.

Contemporary Nonfiction: We're looking for individual girls or groups who are doing something other girls would love to read and learn about. The first step is finding a topic about which girls are passionate. Past contemporary nonfiction pieces featured girl mushers from Alaska, rhythmic gymnasts from Illinois, ballerinas from California, and summer campers from across the country. Some of our most successful contemporary nonfiction pieces are sports-related, but that doesn't mean we won't consider other contemporary topics or profiles. A key: Look for new twists on familiar topics. We prefer to receive contemporary nonfiction ideas in query form rather than finished manuscripts.

Girls Express: This section offers the most opportunities for freelance writers. We're looking for short profiles of girls who are into sports,the arts, interesting hobbies, cultural activities, and other areas. A key: The girl must be the "star" and the story must be from her point of view. Be sure to include the age of the girls you're pitching to us. If you have any photo leads, please send those, too. We also welcome how-to stories-how to send away for free things, hot ideas for a cool day, how to write the President and get a response. In addition, we're looking for easy crafts that can be explained in five simple steps. Stories in Girls Express have to be told in no more than 175 words. We prefer to receive ideas in query form rather than finished manuscripts.

Giggle Gang:

We're looking for visual puzzles, mazes, math puzzles, word games, simple crosswords, cartoons, and other ideas. Seasonal ideas are especially welcome.

Sample issues: American Girl costs $3.95 per issue and is available in many children's bookstores. To get a sample copy, send a check for $3.95 made out to American Girl, plus a self-addressed stamped 9x12 envelope with $1.93 in postage on it.


All queries and requests for sample magazines should be addressed to: Magazine Department Assistant, American Girl, P.O. Box 620986, Middleton, WI 53562-0986. We prefer not to receive queries via e-mail.

Please Note: American Girl cannot reply or return a manuscript unless you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please allow 12 weeks for a reply.


About Moon Mountain

Moon Mountain Publishing aims to delight children and other readers with beautifully illustrated books that are creatively written, carefully edited, and printed and bound for lasting value. We seek to educate and inspire through imaginative fiction and entertaining nonfiction works that gently affirm the beauty and value of life. To make our books widely available, Moon Mountain sells directly to children and parents by telephone and mail-order, and through standard distribution channels to bookstores, other retailers, and libraries. Our Moon Mountain Proprietary division works with businesses to publish proprietary children's books as consumer marketing tools.


Moon Mountain is currently accepting manuscripts for children's picture books, and reviewing portfolios for picture books and activity books. As we are a new company with a limited publishing schedule, our need for manuscripts is also quite limited. We therefore wish to receive only submissions that meet recognized standards for presentation. Moon Mountain takes no responsibility for unsolicited materials. We will do our best to return materials that are accompanied by adequate packing materials and postage, but as we cannot guarantee their safety, please do not send original art or anything else you cannot afford to lose.  

Contact Us

Moon Mountain Publishing, Inc. 80 Peachtree Road North Kingstown, RI 02852 USA Phone: (401) 884-6703 Fax: (401) 884-7076 E-mail:

Alan Greco Design A full-service graphic design studio. You're looking at Alan's work now. He designed Moon Mountain's website, logo, and more. And he's a pleasure to work with.

Independent Publisher Online This new webzine, published by The Jenkins Group, is featuring a year-long series about Moon Mountain Publishing's first year in business. If you want to know even more about us, or if you're an independent publisher seeking solid, trade-savvy information, this is a great place to go.

Margaret Organ-Kean Margaret is the illustrator of Petronella. She also does book jackets, magazine illustration, sci-fi/fantasy games, and more. You can also reach the website for the Foolscap science fiction and fantasy conference through her site.    


Steeple Hill

300 E. 42nd Street, 6th floor New York, NY 10017 Phone (212) 682-6080 Acquisition Editors: Tara Gavin, Editorial Director, New York office Tracy Farrell, Senior Editor and Editorial Coordinator Ann Leslie Tuttle, Associate Editor Melissa Endlich, Associate Editor Kim Nadelson, Associate Editor Jessica Regante, Editorial Assistant

Guidelines: Steeple Hill publishes Love Inspired, a line of inspirational contemporary romances with stories designed to lift readers spirits and gladden their hearts. These books feature men and women facing the challenges of today's world and learning important lessons about life, love and faith. Love Inspired publishes three books per month.

The editors are currently looking for manuscripts of approximately 70,000-75,000 words. Stories are compelling and thoughtfully developed. Drama, humor and even a touch of mystery all have a place in this series. Although the element of faith must clearly be present, it should be well-integrated into the characterizations and plot. Children and humor are welcome; family values and traditional morals are imperative. While there is no premarital sex between characters, a vivid, exciting romance that is presented with a mature perspective is essential.

Tip sheets available. Query first. Send a cover letter and two-page synopsis to Steeple Hill. We do not accept faxes, computer disk submissions or non-letter quality dot matrix printing. We'll take letter quality, but would rather not. We do accept unagented writers with query. We buy books from first time, previously unpublished writers on completed manuscript only.


Parents' Monthly 8611 Folsom Blvd, #A, Sacramento, CA 95826. Phone: (916)383-7012 Fax: (916)383-7091 Email: Carolyn Moore, Publisher. 100% freelance. Magazine on parenting of children to age 12. Works with new writers. Circ. 55K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms average of 2 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. Reprints accepted. Responds 30 days. Sample for e-mail, phone, fax, or mail request. Subscription $12 ($30 outside US). Guidelines available by mail with SASE or by e-mail. NEEDS: Articles addressing the parenting of children up to age 12. Pays $25 for 600-1,200 words; $15 for less than 600 words. Submit complete ms by mail with SASE. PHOTOS: Color or b/w prints. HINTS: "We are currently looking for political writers/reporters to research and report on (both the pro and con) legislation pertaining to parents' rights, children's rights, education, religious freedoms and other political topics impacting the family. Do not query. Send complete ms."


SESAME STREET PARENTS Children's Television Workshop 1 Lincoln Plaza, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10023 212-875-6470 fax-212-875-6105 ATTN: Patti Jones, Assoc Editor Needs child development, parenting, how-to tips for parents, interviews, profiles, personal experiences, essays, and travel articles of 500-2000 words. $300-2000 on acceptance. Rights vary. Query with clips or mss by mail or fax. Responds in 3 months.


Editor's NOTE:Always check the market yourself in case there are changes in the guidelines.

Parade Magazine Guidelines

The Sunday Magazine Parade Publications, Inc. 711 Third Ave. New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212)450-7000 Fax: (212)450-7284 Website: Editor: Walter Anderson. Managing Editor: Larry Smith Contact: Paula Silverman, articles editor About PARADE: Magazine for a general interest audience. Frequency: Weekly Editor's Note: Ranked as one of the best markets for freelancers in Writer's Yearbook magazine's annual "Top 100 Markets," January 2001. Freelance Facts: 95% freelance written Established: 1941 Circulation: 81,000,000 Pays on acceptance Publishes manuscript 5 months after acceptance. Kill fee varies in amount. Rights purchased: One-time rights / All rights Editorial lead time 1 month. Accepts queries by: Mail Fax Accepts simultaneous submissions Sample copy available at website. Writer's guidelines free. Nonfiction: General interest (on health, trends, social issues or anything of interest to a broad general audience); interview/profile (of news figures, celebrities and people of national significance); and "provocative topical pieces of news value." Does Not Want: Spot news events are not accepted, as Parade has a 1 month lead time. No fiction, fashion, travel, poetry, cartoons, nostalgia, regular columns, quizzes or fillers. Unsolicited queries concerning celebrities, politicians, sports figures, or technical are rarely assigned. Buys 150 manuscripts/year. Submission method: Query with published clips Length: 1,000–1,200 words. Pays $2,500 minimum. Pays the expenses of writers on assignment. Tips: "Send a well-researched, well-written one-page proposal and enclose a SASE. Do not submit completed manuscripts."

Ebook Guidelines for Big Beautiful Women

Real Romances Writer's Guidelines

Please read the following Writer's Guidelines carefully before submitting a manuscript:


REAL ROMANCES is an imprint of Blackfriars Publications Company, a Canadian royalty-paying company that publishes electronic books (eBooks). If you aren't familiar with our eBooks, please download one of the FREE eBooks on our free eBooks page:

The FREE eBook will give you an idea of our format, and how your manuscript will look as an eBook. Our quality eBooks come with their own built-in Readers that include unique features such as: text zoom-in, word search, bookmarking and printing capabilities. Our eBooks are individually designed with: graphics, photographs, audio, and live links to Internet web sites.

If you're a writer interested in writing romance novels that accurately reflect a REAL woman's life, feelings, and experiences, then we'd like to hear from you. We are currently accepting submissions.

First time authors welcome!

Romance FICTION Guidelines:

FICTION Romance (all sub-genres) 50,000 - 90,000 words

We are currently accepting submissions for book-length, quality Romance fiction: all sub-genres... Contemporary, Historical, Regency, Westerns, Time-Travel, Gothic, Fantasy/Paranormal, and Suspense/Mystery. We are not accepting: erotic, gay/lesbian, inspirational or religious romances.

What We Want...We want romantic, well-written stories for and about full-figured REAL women; all sizes of large, of any ability or color. The hero can be a typical romance hero, or he can be plus-sized, too. The emphasis is on romance; true love knows no boundaries. Every REAL ROMANCE is full of passion and presents a hero who knows a REAL woman when he finds one.

Any sub-genre of romance is welcome. Stories can contain elements of comedy, or tragedy, but the main focus should always be on the romance. Sexual content acceptable. No erotica, please. The main criteria is that the story be well-written. Manuscripts that don't follow the REAL ROMANCES angle for BBW (Big Beautiful Women) will be returned.

We Don't Want...stories where the heroine loses weight and then finds love, or where she must lose weight before she begins to feel good about herself. This is not the purpose of REAL ROMANCES. Also, we do not want stories that put down women who are not plus-sized! A Real Romances novel should be enjoyable for everyone!

Contracts:We offer authors a one-two year contract, and at this time, buy worldwide, English-language, electronic rights ONLY. This leaves you free to pursue print publication at the same time, if you so desire. If, in the future, we move into print publication, print rights will be negotiated separately.

Payment To Authors:Our contract offers a straight 35% royalty-rate, with no advance at this time. Payments to contracted authors are made twice yearly, by check.

Please Note:If you require further Editorial Guidelines for a Romance sub-genre in particular, we'll be happy to send you more information, or answer any questions. E-mail your questions to:

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

Tell Us About Your Book: (...Please read carefully...)

By Mail:-- (Sorry, we are no longer accepting manuscripts via e-mail.) Send us a cover letter that includes: approx. word count, a synopsis that describes your book, and your background as a writer. The synopsis should include the story's main plot, and a brief description of the character(s). Send your cover letter, synopsis, brief bio and 3-4 sample chapters (typed and double-spaced -- one side of the page only), to:

Blackfriars Publications Company, Attn: Real Romances Dept. P.0. Box 24013, London, Ontario, N6H 5C4, Canada. NOTE: If you wish to submit more than one manuscript, please send your submissions separately. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address if you have one, on all your correspondence and manuscript pages. Please include a SASE (Self-addressed stamped envelope... Canadian postage ONLY), for any material you wish returned. American Writers, please enclose a IRC (International Reply Coupon). We are not responsible for lost submissions. Remember to keep a copy of all material sent, just in case the original gets lost in the mail.

Do not send a full manuscript until requested to do so.


If you are requested to send a complete manuscript, please send the following:

Hard Copy: We will require a printed hard copy of the manuscript, double-spaced, on one side of the page only, in 12-point Times Roman font. Number each page, and include the manuscript's title and your name at the top of each page.

Floppy Disk: We also require a copy of the manuscript on 3.5" floppy disk saved in RTF (Rich Text Format). Please save each chapter in separate files for easy access on this end. Make sure each page is numbered with the title of the manuscript and your name typed at the top of each page.

Writer Bio & Photo: Our readers will want to know about you, so please include a brief bio about yourself and your writing background, plus a recent photo. We will be using this information and photo for your eBook as well as its promotion.

If you have any questions regarding our Writers Guidelines, Real Romances, or Blackfriars Publications Company, please contact us at: