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Examples from my two books

EXAMPLES FROM MY TWO POETRY BOOKS The Entire collection of poems is now in one ebook volume and available for purchase through paypal.


Let us give thanks
for the courage of strangers
police, fire, ems and a priest
who rushed in where angels feared to tred.
Their lives sacrificed
carried away on the wings of angels.
Where evil resides Grace abounds
in men and women, mothers, fathers,
daughters, sons, aunts and uncles
who thought not of their own safety
but for others trapped
by a cowardly attack.
For these and other victims,
for our lives together
and the hope of our future,
we give thanks to God.



A lace veil drops suddenly from the sky
turning naked earth into a virgin bride
It is snowing in the hills and valleys.
Silently changing darkness to light,
like Salvation, a gift to the night.
The house waits with fresh, bread warmth,
supper pots steam on the stove,
waiting to douse the chill from family
muffled in heavy coats, stomping snow
on the deck, coming in from the cold.


The summer comes without mother.
It is the end of childhood in adulthood,
of unreserved love and affection.
I am no longer a daughter.
My tears wet the soil where plants grow.
The perennials return in sunny spring
but mother is gone forever.
Dad sits in the blue wing-back chair
"Don't forget my kiss," he says,
pointing to his cheek, fragile skin,
dried leaves, eyes bright with love.
The sunlight returns, but dad is gone.
Their memory lingers in flashes
like yellowed photos of bygone days.
They welcomed us with bright smiles
an all encompassing love, arms frail,
wide enough for children and grandchildren.
Love in age never dies but procreates
a gift time cannot end and extends
generations. I give their love to my son,
his flower blooms in heady profusion
for sunny summer days ahead.

My essay, The Heart of a Nurse, is included in this book.
It is about the time my husband worked in a nursing home.
A man was dying and my husband was the only one available
to pray and comfort him. A heart warming story. Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul