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The Writing Plan Market Links and Classes

Memoir Writing and Lifestories: Inspiration for your writing, free follow up for the Writing Plan
Writing and Marketing: Articles on writing and click and go links to writing markets
Preserving Your Memories: Information on the Text of my book and a class
Universal Class:The Writing Plan 2002: A course that uses the text The Writing Plan to help writers go from freewriting to publication
Universal Class: Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks2: A fun class using my book as text to create unique theme based scrapbooks
Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks: All about Scrapbooks and journaling, the text, and class.

The Writing Plan to success as a freelance writer

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The Writing Plan
Preserving Your Memories through Scrapbook
Yale University and Slavery
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The Writing Plan

The writing plan was developed as a way for writers who want to earn a minimum of $900 to $1000 a month.

It is a multi-level plan which includes a minimum of writing per day, marketing, and record keeping. It is mainly for nonfiction writers but it can help fiction writers as well. There are more opportunities for nonfiction though.

The plan will work but not overnight. It may take a few months to start reaping the benefits. Everyone's progress is different according to their ability. However, the plan is a tool that can help writers achieve their goals.

The steps are made easy. Like the saying goes, "You can eat a whale one bite at a time." The plan breaks down writing and money goals to a simple formular which can be done. What you need is writing ability, the desire to succeed, the plan and the commitment to follow it.

The writing plan comes with follow up through a free subscription service.

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Memoir Writing and Lifestories: Inspiration for your writing, free follow up for the Writing Plan. Sign up at Free Subscribe.

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Excerpt from The Writing Plan

The point of the writing plan is to inspire and help you succeed as a writer. The initial goal is $1,000 a month, but once you reach that you can extend your goal.

It is a multi-level program. Everything you need to know to get started, keep records, and find markets is included.

My plan will help writers earnmoney. The focus is on short articles that can be written quickly. It is based on a steady schedule of writing of 5 to 7 days a week.

It is filled with ideas for articles and essays. A whole month's worth.

There are clickable links to paying markets.

There is an easy to make market index.

The Money Pyramid is my way to focus on earning a particular sum of money every month starting with only $30 to $35 a day.

Reprints are money makers. Learn how to make the most of these.

If you really want to succeed as a writer, whether full or part-time, you need this book to get you started on the path to success.