The Writing Plan
Why wait to earn money as a freelancer? Learn how.
Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks
Beginner's guide to scrapbooking
Scrapbook class for Beginners
6 week course includes free copy of my ebook on scrapbooks
Girls' Book of Success
Teenagers and those who love them will enjoy the true experiences. Fun, touching, heartwarming.
Do you know Bill Kniep?
Help Angela find her father.
God Allows UTurns, a woman's journey
Inspirational stories to touch your heart.
Moira Allen's Writing Classes
How to write a confession story and sell it by Bea Sheftel
Family Circle Magazine
80% freelance written and pays. Look it over. If you find the guidelines let me know!
Lutheran Digest
Christian living, humor PAYS
Home Times Family Newspaper
Home Times Family Newspaper is a moral conservative newspaper covering world, national and local news, views, people, home & family, arts and entertainment, with a Biblical worldview.
Writers Exchange 2000
Information for writers from beginners to advanced
Conversely Magazine
Buy personal opinion essays.
we are inviting your personality and imagination to create letters for use at All Pays $50
Appleseeds Magazine
APPLESEEDS is a 36-page, multidisciplinary, nonfiction social studies magazine for children ages 8 and up (primarily in grades 3 & 4). Theme list
Calliopi Children's Magazine for 8 to 14 year olds
CALLIOPE covers world history (East / West) and we are looking for lively, original approaches to the subject. Keep in mind that our magazine is aimed at youths from ages 8 to 14. Theme list
Writers Free Reference
Reference sites useful to writers
95% freelance
Kathy Carmichael Author on writing
Lean how to write POV and synopsis
Learn how to write for your congregation and beyond
Memorial to my nephew Bill Radeska
I was so happy when Bill moved to Connecticut. It was a shock to the family when he died suddenly on May 10th 2003. Join us in prayer and read his memorial.
Open Spaces magazine
Freelance opportunity for Northwest writers.. Guidelines.
Write for Dollars
Small pay but good exposure for writers on writing
Preserving Your Memories Through Scrapbooks
My popular ebook on scrapbooking at a low price.
Scrapbook stamps for sale
A collection of wood and rubber stamps for sale at bargain prices

Want to read something I've written?

My essay The Heart of a Nurse is in Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul

It is available at any of the online bookstores.

My essay, The Heart of a Nurse, is included in this book.
It is a heart warming true story.




Freelancing for Money Free Edition

This market is updated every Thursday.
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Have you dreamed of becoming a paid freelance writer? Perhaps you have been tempted by books that promise to help you earn $50,000 or more.

I can show you how to get started. This is a reality based book, not pie in the sky.

The Writing Plan is an ebook that shows you how to earn $900 to $1000 a month. I include a money pyramid, an idea list, suggested markets and other resources. It cost $5.00.

Others who have purchased this book have found the information helpful in propelling them from writing for free, to writing for pay. It is a practical guide that you can follow whether you work outside the home, or are a stay-at-home mom.

Please click on the link at left to THE WRITING PLAN. You can order the book through paypal. It will be delivered direct to your email, virus free.


God Allows UTurns, A Woman's Journey, book three

This is a book that will touch your heart with real life stories. Read how others have faced problems in their lives and overcome. These are stories of hope, heart and inspiration. Each story is unique.

If you enjoy the Chicken Soup series of books you will love this book. The stories are charming, heart warming, and filled with love.

My own is called A Mustard Seed of Faith. The book costs $9.95. Click on the link on the left to the editor's page.


Do you have a teenage girl in your home? A teen niece or friend? This charming book will be a delight for both of you.

The Girls'Book of Success

It is filled with winning wisdom, tales of triumph, celebrity advice, and more. Edited by Catherine Dee it contains inspirational quotes from some famous people.

Shania Twain

Sarah Huges (Ice Skating)

Beyonce Knowles

Oprah Winfrey

and me, Bea Sheftel.

My contribution is about my elementary school prom and the trials of being a fat girl. The Perfect Prom is on page 121.

Click on the publisher's link on the left for The Girls' Book of Success.


My friend, and fellow writer, Angela Klocke is searching for her father. Would you help her? Maybe some of the information at her web site will sound familiar. You never know. You may be the one to help her found her father Bill.

Click on the link on the left Angela's Father.


More reviews coming. Bookmark this site and come back often.



Instructor: Bea Sheftel (8 weeks, $60 - REDUCED!)

Learn all the elements of what it takes to write and sell a

successful confession story and then do it again, and again.


The Perfect Girl

A wonderful young adult book by Barbara Huff

On Tour #1: The Perfect Girl (ISBN# 1586609807) and On Tour #2:

The Backup Singer (ISBN# 1586609815) by Barb Huff

Order the book from the author

What is the book about?

On Tour #1: The Perfect Girl

Jenna Rose Brinley was the perfect girl. Girls wanted to be her, and

boys just wanted to be near her. Her voice stopped people in their

tracks, and every parent wanted their child to have such a

rock-solid faith.

So, when Jenna Rose's father takes a pastoral position that moves

them hundreds of miles away from everything she knows, she found

herself face-to-face with her "perfection" and all the holes in it.

At what cost will the kind of popularity she once had be? And what's

with Parker Blevins the cutest guy she'd ever seen and his stance on

not dating for God? Will she pay the price to become popular or risk

exposing her doubts in the Christian faith just to get close to the

only people who are willing to get to know her for who she really is?


GET an autographed *and* personalized copy of THE BACHELOR'S DARE

(Silhouette Romance, December 2003) or THE VIRGIN'S PROPOSAL

((January 2003) via Shirley's Virtual Autographing!

(Read the first two stories now before the debut

(of Luke's story in June '04!

( Here's how it works--You send $3.99 (the cost of the book) plus $1.75

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Romance, December 2003) or THE VIRGIN'S PROPOSAL (January 2003)

via Shirley's Virtual Autographing! Read the first two stories now

(before the debut of Luke's story in June '04!



Writers Digest: Market information. Excellent resource
Poets and Writers Magazine: Markets for writers and poets
Challenging Destiny (Science fiction and fantasy): Science fiction and fantasy stories
The Christian Reader: Spiritual, inspirational stories
Philadephia Mama: Philadelphia Mom stories. They want YOUR essay.
CAPPER'S WEEKLY: Newspaper format
GRIT, American Life and Tradition: Family type fiction, adventure, suspense.
St. Anthony Messenger: Fiction and nonfiction for Catholic families
Christian Teens: Articles and stories for Teens
Inspirational Anthology publisher: Small Miracles, Cup of Comfort for Friends
Mothering Magazine: Articles of interest to mothers written by mothers
Faces Magazine: A magazine for homeschool teachers and students
Catholic Digest: Inspirational magazine for Catholics and other Christians
Cats and Kittens: Submissions for consideration may cover all aspects of dogs,
Skipping Stones Magazine (Paying? I don't know): adults invited to submit writing and artwork as well as children
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: Pays 7 cents a word for crime stories
Baby Talk: For women expecting a baby or new moms
Back to College: Adult reentry students
New Choices: Slanted for people over 45
Thousands of newspaper markets: Need a newspaper market? Check it out here.
Chicken Soup Books: Chicken Soup books are always producing. Check and see if your story will fit one of their books.
Country Woman, Taste of Home and other Reiman publications: Nostalgic and rural family publications
Guidepost magazine: True Stories of Hope and Inspiration
Byline Magazine: High quality magazine for beginner to advanced writers

My son, Rob Sheftel and my nephew Bill Radeska

Papa called them brother-cousins because they are so close.

They are a big part of why I'm writing my memoirs.

It is a family history filled with lifestories I hope they and

their future children will enjoy.

SPECIAL NOTICE: My nephew died suddenly on May 10, 2003

The entire family mourns and misses him.

Please visit the memorial page set up to honor his memory.

Memorial to my nephew Bill Radeska


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